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CCTV Monitoring & Installation

24 hour CCTV surveillance is not only useful but necessary when it comes to deterring intruders. Our cameras can be installed discreetly and we are also able to train your staff to be proficient in using our equipment. Whatever your surveillance specification, we can fit the requirement.

This flexible service means you are able to focus your full attention on business affairs, whilst we take control of CCTV monitoring activities. The equipment is the perfect solution to offer a protected environment both day and night. It is simple to set up, cost effective and highly efficient. You can also be assured that our SIA licensed officers will deal with any misconduct in a swift and discrete manner.

Furthermore our diligently trained intelligence operators will collate the findings of the surveillance into a detailed resume of activity to highlight any problems, so we can actively respond with an adequate solution.

Remain in control of your premises with our conscious surveillance service. We want you to feel safe, so contact us to enquire how CCTV can help to protect your chosen site from any form of crime.

  • Allows you to focus your full attention on business affairs
  • We take full control & responsibility of CCTV monitoring activities
  • Offers protected environment both day and night
  • Cost effective
  • Highly efficient, state of the art CCTV equipment

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What our customers say about us

We have taken full advantage of everything Central Security have offered and couldn’t be happier with the outcome of all services provided! Your contribution to maintaining high levels of safety is unparalleled. Looking forward to continuing to use you in the future. (Oh and your security dogs are just phenomenal, extremely well trained and all in all a pleasure to work with).
Council Fire Officer
Nothing but good things to say. Great security service that have made all our jobs easier! Highly recommended to anyone considering outsourcing any kind of security or event management help!
Head of security
Event management can be surprisingly taxing, but now having used your event co-ordination services we’ll never look back! Would recommend to anyone, thank you. You’re commitment to getting the job done is highly appreciated.
Hotel manager

Other services

Concierge Service

Central Security Limited recruits only the most meticulous and highest calibre individuals. Our industry leading concierge service will exceed your expectations. All of our officers have been throu...

Dog Patrol Service

We pride ourselves on our experienced guard dog security service. At Central Security Limited you can expect highly experienced security dogs, all of which are trained to abide with industry guidelines and will adhere to your necessities.

Event Management

Security is essential for any event. All of our SIA accredited security guards are fully trained and will provide round the clock security for any event, from start to finish.

Key Holding/Alarm

Central Security Limited offer a keyholding service whereby we retain your keys and deposit them in a secure location. Upon depositing your keys in a uniquely safe site, they will be sealed and unable to access by anyone except our security key holders.

Manned Guards

Additional protection can be an important essential to ensure security. Our team of operatives are able to provide manned guarding services in many environments. Regardless of the whether our uniformed officers are safeguarding politicians, celebrities, busy professionals etc – they are trained to exceptional industry standards and will do everything within their ability to provide an environment whereby the client can continue with their lives safely and undisturbed.

Mobile Patrol

Our mobile patrols will stop at nothing to reduce risk and safeguard against any criminal damage. This highly efficient, round the clock safeguarding service is thanks to our SIA licensed officers who will be allocated to patrol the location of your choosing

Staff Screening

We’ve mastered the staff screening process, with the background checks of individuals employed never being more efficient.